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We will all, at some time in our lives, be hurt. Jesus said offense will come. No one is exempt from tribulation – each of us will know what it is to cry. Sometimes those we love or help the most will hurt us the worst. Don’t get bitter, mean or angry. Joseph and David are both great examples.

What do we do when God doesn’t act how we think he should? When an answer doesn’t come or when something doesn’t go our way? Sometimes words from the Lord aren’t easy. Sometimes they’re words of going through fire and coming out the other side. But when Job prayed for his accusers (ie. he loved like he’d never been hurt), God gave him double what the enemy had taken.

The one thing that will not fail to reach people is to love them with an unfailing love, no matter what. It is powerful. We should talk to someone the enemy has separated us from, eat with them and have a relationship with them. It’s love that never fails. It may take a month or a lifetime, but if we keep on showing love like we’ve never been hurt it will not fail.

What’s done is done. It is unforgivable to not forgive. Anything between us and people affects us and God.

Experts believe assassinated US President James Garfield didn’t die of the bullet but by the doctors probing the wound over the following weeks to find the bullet. Probing a wound over and over again will kill us. We cannot heal if we keep on probing into the pain of the past. We’ll never be getting it wrong if we show love and be kind.

The world is looking for a church like that. We need to learn to zip it. We can’t draw deadlines or conditions. We must love like Jesus loves and say, «I love you and I’m going to keep on loving you.»

/by Jentezen Franklin @ Hillsong Conference /day 3

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